Upland Restoration Services

Upland Restoration Services

As one of the early pioneers in this industry, we created much of the accepted methodologies and practices in use today. We hold patents on several of our specialized machines. Our experienced staff have the resources, experience and equipment to intelligently and economically address your Terrestrial Vegetation Management needs. Our methodology includes Biological Controls, Manual Removal, Mechanical Removal & Chemical Treatment. We also offer Restoration, Mitigation Planting and Maintenance of Natural Areas, Uplands & Buffers.

Rick Richards Inc is known for its extensive fleet of specialized equipment and for accomplishing tasks beyond the abilities of others.

Key Benefits of the Service

Mulching of Vegetation improves the soil, saves on hauling & disposal costs and is environmentally friendly

Extensive experience in diverse environments

Ability to match equipment suitable for the size & scope of the project

We can tailor the project to meet your budget & time requirements.

Our experience allows us to provide the best work for the best price.

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