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At Rick Richards Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to manage and restore natural landscapes effectively.

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Ready to enhance your property’s natural beauty and functionality? Contact Rick Richards Inc. today for expert services in Forestry Mulching, Aquatic Management, Upland Restoration, Tree Services, Hydroseeding, and Landscaping. Let’s make your vision a reality!

Our Expert Services


Forestry Mulching

Transform overgrown land into usable space with our Forestry Mulching services, ideal for property management and environmental conservation.


Aquatic Management

Maintain healthy waterways with our Aquatic Management services, focusing on the restoration and preservation of lakes, ponds, and canals.


Upland Restoration

Revitalize your upland areas with our specialized Upland Restoration services, enhancing biodiversity and restoring natural habitats.


Tree Services

From pruning to complete removal, our professional Tree Services ensure the health and aesthetics of your green assets.



Promote rapid vegetation growth with our Hydroseeding services, an efficient solution for erosion control and land rehabilitation.


Landscaping Services

Create stunning outdoor spaces with our comprehensive Landscaping Services, tailored to meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

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What Our Clients Say

‘Rick Richards Inc. transformed our overgrown wetlands with their forestry mulching service. It’s amazing to see how they handle such challenging environments with ease.’

James Peterson

‘The aquatic management services provided by Rick Richards Inc. have greatly improved the water quality of our lakes. Their team is knowledgeable and highly efficient.’

Maria Gonzalez

‘We relied on Rick Richards for upland restoration, and they exceeded our expectations. The area is now thriving with native vegetation, thanks to their expert care.’

Henry Cho

‘After a severe storm, the tree services from Rick Richards Inc. were lifesavers. They safely removed fallen trees and restored our property’s safety and beauty.’

Elizabeth Smith

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